Commercial Loan

Services for any entrepreneurial individual who needs for additional capital like sari-sari store bakery, foods, buy and sale, trading, manufacturing, handicrafts, furniture, transport services.


1.  Any Filipino individual

2.  Age: 18 - up years of age
3.  Owner of the land, personally
     cultivating the land
4.  No portion of the land owned and use as collateral being tenanted

5.  with existing business

6.  Corporations: needs F.S.

audited 3 years, Constitution & By Laws, Resolution Authorizing signatories to avail Loans, Reg. from SEC and Feasibility Study.

1. Titled land with identical tax declaration,  sketch plan duly signed by a Geodetic Engr., tax clearance up to the time of application.
 -  TIN, Community Tax No.
2. Tax Declaration provided it is Alienable and disposable and already surveyed 
-  Certification from DENR that the land is  A&D
-  Certification from DENR that the applicant is the only claimant  of the     land

-  No tenants
-  skecth plan duly signed by a Geodetic Engineer
-  tax clearance up to the time of application
-  TIN, Community Tax No.
3. Farm equipment, farm implement, and other chattel mortgage
4. 50% of standing crops but it should be insured