Salary Loan

Services to teachers, pensioners, LGU's personnel, Brgy. Officials etc. for livelihood projects and for tuition fees.


1. 18 years old and above with permanent status in employment


1.    Memorandum of Agreement of the       Agency where the employee is working for direct payroll deduction

2.    Encase of LGU employee a Sanguniang Bayan resolution that the allow their employee to avail loan and be in direct payroll deduction

3.    In case of Brgy. Officials a A council resolution allowing their barangay captain, treasurer and Secretary the authorize signatories for availing loan and it should be a direct payroll deductions.

4.    debt capacity is  within 40% of the Net cash inflow.

5.    Comm. Tax NO.


1. Min. Deposits P 500.00

2. must be" I Care member" w/ 1x1 picture

3. CTC

4. ID 2 pcs. 2x2 for application

5. In case of Firm: BOD resolution authorize signatories and the amount applied for loan, Audited Financial Statement 3 years.